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Expungements Defined
Life is full of choices. Do you realize that if you were ever charged with a criminal charge that was dismissed or you were found not guilty, that it remains on your record for life? Most people in this day and time no longer take people for their word; they check for themselves and unfortunately run your record. What does this mean?

1. That any school that you may apply to for educational purposes will see this.
2. Potential employers when you go to apply for a job will see this.
3. Any type of licensing agency you apply to for a license will see this.

In the State of North Carolina you have the opportunity to clean your record of these charges so that you are able to attend the college of your choice, apply for that career that you have always dreamed of or apply for any type of licensing you may need for a future career opportunity.

Come see us at our office and let us explain the options you have before completely saying that I have made very poor choices and there is nothing I can do about it.
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